Sledmere House - The Walled Garden

Sledmere House is owned and run as a family residence and nestles in the heart of a thriving rural working estate.

The Sykes family have been welcoming visitors to Sledmere House for over 200 years; their enthusiasm for sharing the house with visitors is embodied by their friendly and helpful staff. The House and its gardens are filled with charm and treasures.

This pano was taken in early June, just too late to capture the spring show and too early to benefit from the summer roses. I will be seeking permission to go back during the summer to see how things have taken shape.

Today the garden is managed by a team of three gardeners. At the same time as preserving its layers of history new areas and features are being developed. Most of the plants for sale in the Courtyard have been grown from seed or cultivated at Sledmere and for 2013 we will be concentrating on selling the more unusual plants found growing in the garden along with some home grown specialities.

The Garden at Sledmere is gaining increasing prominence for its dynamic and innovative development programme now underway and many of our visitors return on a regular basis to see what's new. Head Gardener, Andrew Karavics, a passionate plantsman, is relishing the opportunity to increase the Garden's complexity and sheer horticultural exuberance.