Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay Scarborough. One of Scarborough's most beautiful bays situated 3 miles out of town.

Cayton Bay is a remotely concealed cliff bottom beach in Scarborough boasting extreme beauty, widespread golden sand and a relaxing bay hidden away from the busy town.

Cayton bay is well known for its surf, hosting surfing competitions throughout the year and attracting professional surfers to the bay from all over Europe. If you want to go surfing here, situated on the top of the cliff is a car park and a surf shop that provides surfing equipment, surfing lessons and general tourist information.

The bay is also extremely popular with fishermen that can be seen casting their lines from the middle of the beach, right along the bay. Many different species can be caught from the beach including Bass, Cod, Whiting, Flatfish and Pollock.

This panorama was taken from the cliff top with the tripod standing directly on the 'section post' that remains, along with a few 'pillboxes' on the beach. These steel reinforced structures were built as part of the WW II British anti-invasion preparations. Although the structures have suffered from sea and weather erosion over the years, they are still a poignant reminder of the military and civilian response to the threats of invasion by the German armed forces.

The Cleveland Way footpath follows the cliff top north on to Scarborough and south to Filey. The beach is accessible by path from the cliff top, which is quite steep so easy on the way down and a little harder on the way up.