Scarborough Castle

About Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is a medieval tourist attraction that is situated on a large fortress cliff overlooking Scarborough’s most beautiful bays. The castle’s ruins are elevated more than 300 feet above sea level boasting wonderful sea views and historical beauty.

The castle was constructed in the 12th century using both limestone and sandstone as its mortar and it has been a defence fortress for many years, protected by shear cliffs and surrounding seas. Its western aspect is a bold and majestic, steep and rocky slope, commanding Scarborough’s town, harbour and bays. The whole area, at the top of the hill, is upwards of nineteen acres of excellent soil, gently sloping near 20 feet from the north to the south lines.

The Castles History and Facts

Scarborough Castle was approximately built in 1160 by William le Gros Earl during the reign of King Stephen. The castle has been a target of some ruthless assaults and none more ruthless than during the civil wars; twice the parliamentary army took the castle. The first siege lasted twelve months, during which Sir John Meldrum, who commanded the forces of parliament, died. Sir Matthew Boynton then took charge, to which Sir Hugh Cholmley, the governor at the castle surrendered on the 22d of July 1645.

Following the siege, a large part of the castle’s construction was unfortunately damaged. The great tower wall was demolished leaving behind unspoilt castle wall remains from the attack.

Colonel Boynton, the successor of the Baronet, then declared for the King and the castle was once more came into the hands of the royalists. In another turn of fait, the garrison grew mutinous and the Colonel was obliged to capitulate and on the 19th of December 1648, the fortress was once again in the hands of parliament.

Parking and Directions

Due to the location of the castle, the best way to access the fortress is by foot or bicycle. Fortunately, there is a number of pay and display car parks nearby with the closest car parks located on North Marine Road and Castle Road. Once parked, if you follow Castle Road on foot using the castle sign posts as a guide, you will reach the castle’s entrance at approximately half a mile from the car park.

Scarborough Castle Events

Scarborough Castle is a tourism hotspot, which offers a great insight into the historical heritage of the castle including timeline stories detailing bombardments and World War 2 assaults.

The castle has stood for hundreds of years and it has survived many attacks including WW2 bombings during the South Bay shore siege. Scarborough Castle offers great tourist attractions along with a relaxing afternoon in an idyllic location with stunning bird’s eye views of Scarborough, Filey and Flamborough.

Refreshments are available on the site in addition to guided tours, historical information, picnic areas and exhibition museums.

Scarborough Castle can provide a low cost, fun day out with the family with educational material and picnic areas surrounding the area. At the castle, you have the opportunity to learn about Scarborough’s historical heritage and experience a medieval fortress castle like no other.

Admission Fees and Prices:

Adult - £5.20

Child over 5 Years - £3.10

Concession - £4.70

Opening Times:

Scarborough Castle is usually open from February through to November and opening times are from 10:00am – 06:00pm. As opening times can sometimes vary, please find available contact details below for Scarborough Castle where you can call them directly before planning your trip.

Scarborough Castle Contact Details:

Contact Number – 01723 372451

Address: Castle Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1HY