South Bay Lights

This panorama was photographed towards the end of July 2012; the evening was still and the sea was calm.

Probably the most photographed view of Scarborough is that of the South Bay and the Foreshore lights, usually taken from one end of the bay or the other. With this panorama we wanted to achieve a different perspective, showing the whole of the bay from offshore.

Although the sea was calm, there was a steady rocking motion. This, coupled with a mast, boom, ropes galore and an avid angler on board, made for quite a challenge – very different to the usual precise conditions for panoramic stitched photography.

Despite these conditions, we are extremely pleased with the result. ‘South Bay Lights’ captures a quintessential image of Scarborough’s Foreshore, one, which reminds us how stunning Scarborough is.

The South Bay is a large sandy bay with good facilities, child friendly amenities and is popular with families. There are boat trips around the bay or along the coast. A handy cliff lift provides easy access to the town centre in minutes. The historic Spa lies at the south end of the beach and is widely used as a conference venue for the town. Heading north along the beach you will find amusements cafes and restaurants along with the traditional seaside stalls.