Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club

The club was founded in 1903 but by the end of the First World War membership was low and something major was required to improve the situation.

A new company took over the club, they raised money, leased additional land and had the course redesigned by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, (the designer of Augusta). The new course was officially opened in 1921 and apart from some cliff erosion and changes to Filey Road it remains very true to the original design.

Location of the Golf Course

The Golf Club is situated approximately one mile south of the town centre and is split by Filey Road, which makes the course very distinctive with parkland holes, and links style holes on the coastal side. The coastal holes all have spectacular views over the town and harbour, which you will be able to see from many of the photographs on our web site. If you require accommodation then Scarborough has various types to meet most requirements.

Other Golf Clubs in and around Scarborough include North Cliff Golf Club, Filey Golf Club and Ganton Golf Club