Scarborough Spa Bridge

Scarborough Spa Bridge was formally opened on 19 July 1827. It was built by The Cliff Bridge Company who aimed to increase trade at the spa by spanning the valley from St Nicholas Cliff to the spa itself.

The bridge towers 75ft (22.8m) above the valley and is 414ft (126.2m) long and 13.5ft (4.1m) wide.

The bridge proved so popular that a tollbooth was erected at the St Nicholas Cliff end. This meant that a user could get a ticket for unlimited access to the bridge and spa for a set number of weeks. The bridge is still used today and should be part of any trip to Scarborough.

Scarborough Spa

The spa offers a range of conference suites and entertainment venues, including: the Grand Hall, seating 2000 and home to the Scarborough Spa Orchestra; the Spa Theatre, a 600-seater Victorian theatre, home to the second-longest running summer season show in the country; and the Green Lounge, Promenade Lounge and Ocean Room, which all cater for the smaller conference or event.

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